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Editor’s Introduction to this issue-

Martin has been on my Arch Econ mail list for at least a dozen years. In October after friendly correspondences with Martin Geddes he asked me if i wanted to interview him as a sort of sketch our our mutual intellectual journeys. Of Course I said yes! The result follows, Enjoy!

Gordon: I am very favourably flabbergasted by your ability to turn out these beautifully written essays, and amazing quantity, with also top quality. I wish to God I could write as well as you!
Martin: Think of it as my therapy, my “care in the intellectual community”. I've had a dawning realization over a very long period of time about the relationship of us to our technology, and I have kept asking myself deep questions about why am I doing this? And to what ends?. I think what's interesting in this very conversation is your own background in Russian history, and its characters and narratives, the good and the bad, and all that's in-between.

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