Enabling the Meek to Challenge the Powerful

Thoughts on What the On-line World should be all About as We Begin Our 25th Year of Publication

The March - April 2016 COOK Report announces the finding of an archival permanent home at the Charles Babbage Institute of the University of Minnesota. In a long memior - essay  Gordon Cook explains the origins and evolution of his work on internet technology and policy.  The discussion  focuses on his role in the EIES 2.0 project and at the  Jon von Neumann Nation Supercomputer Center as Technical Writer and Science Editor. It then moves on to explain the origins and development of the COOK Report newsletter as well as the lesser known  Arch-econ mailing list.  It also describes how - along the way - IBM bent the rules to makup for its role in policy dereliction in being unable to carry its mainframe traffic over TCP/IP networks.