A Practical Navigator for the Internet Economy

Bay Networks & Internet Backbones, pp. 1 - 4, 48

This spring Advanced Network and Services became the first major backbone provider to choose Bay Networks as their backbone router. Wanting to find out more, we interviewed Brian Walk, Director of Internet Business for Bay Networks. Brian explained the symmetric multi-processor architecture of the Bay Routing Engines. This gives the Bay Hardware some raw power that the Cisco 7500 series does not possess. Bay would clearly like to move its large routers from corporate VPN backbones to the Internet. Walk outlines the reasons that he believes enable Bay to be a strong competitor.

However we sense that Bay has quite a ways to go. Internet savvy ISPs want command line interfaces to their routers -- not the GUI interface offered by Bay. They tell us that Cisco virtually "owns" the BGP4 standard in the sense that BGP4 on a Cisco is about the only thing they feel comfortable with. Cisco is felt by those to whom we have talked to have an almost insurmountable lead in software and customer support. Customer loyalty to Cisco is impressive. More than one Cisco user offered the opinion that good hardware or not, Bay still didn't have an Internet clue. It will be interesting to see whether the ANS partnership makes any long term different for Bay's desire to move into this market. As though to underline the fast pace of the field, Cisco announced a new Net Flow switching software, and IP over SONET OC/3 interface not long before we published.

MFS & UUNET merger, p. 4

Very brief comments by John Francis Stracke, Bob Moskowitz and Kent England.

NII: The Dark Side in Washington State, parts 2 - 6 pp. 5 - 47

We publish in this issue the unpublished parts of the Washington State report from July 1995. This report focuses on a series of government efforts, and public-private partnerships to build so called national information infrastructure in Washington state. The problem that we see is that no one in the public or private sector seems to understand how destructive of personal privacy and autonomy these efforts can be. For much more information about this report see the Special Reports section of our web pages.