A Practical Navigator for the Internet Economy

We re now in our twenty fourth year of publication. (Our first issue was April 1992.) We publish 6 times a year - long in depth reports on subjects of intense personal intertest.  Meanwhile our most important revenue producing operation is the offering of a private subscription only forum now in its eleventh year.  The Forum is a mail list called the Architecture and Economics of IP Networks.  It is a community of interest where more than 100 members discuss issues and trade ideas.  I do not screen posts in advance.  Foir more informatrion see the menu item "Business Model and Mail List Policy."

Some of the topics we explore:

  1. economic framework for thinking about technology
  2. fiber as economic infrastructure
  3. change from PSTN to all IP over fiber
  4. business models- domestic and global
  5. green IT, mobility, wireless
  6. new carrier models
  7. community fiber
  8. enterprise fiber & NRENs

Click HERE for a mind map that shows how these topics relate